• Taking our Family on fishing adventures used to be quite stressful before we had our Suzuki. Our DF150 gives us the confidence to venture further towards the horizon. And for us thats what it’s all about. We’re regularly doing 100nm plus days so fuel economy is also important to us. Even with the boat fully loaded, we can normally achieve 1 nautical mile per litre. Which is a huge plus! Thanks Suzuki Marine NZ, we love our Suzuki!
  • "Went from Optimax 2-stroke 115 to a new 115 Suzuki and the Suzuki is far better all round from take-off to cruising and top end, and of course, a lot less noise and fuel."
    Colin Sweeny
  • "I'm really happy with the new  engine. I didn't expect such a difference from the old 140. Having a bigger prop I can now cruise at 22 kn at 4100 revs and use 20L p/h compared to 5000 RPM and 26L before. The pick up and acceleration is amazing and the fly by wire throttle is so smooth. Well done Suzuki!"
    Herbert Bremser
  • "I’ve been absolutely blown away with the performance and torque of my new Suzuki DF140BG outboard. It really punches out of the hole well with plenty of boogie for the Senator 580. The drive by wire is also absolutely amazing - this is the first boat I have owned with it and would not go back to cables, even my young fella can now helm the boat well with the silky smooth transition."
  • "Took me 3 years to get this marlin, trolling using the Suzuki 250hp wicked motor. "
    Marc Irvine
  • "DF250 pushing us out to set our pots before the storm"
    Dave Harlick
  • "Had my Suzuki 115 now for 15yrs and never missed a beat"
    Mo Ob
  • "We love our Suzuki! So cheap to run which means we can go fishing more and more. Thanks Suzuki."
    Michael John Lilly
  • "Love our new 80hp such a smoother ride on our sea nymph."
    Sandra Dicker